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Feel Your Best Wellness entails to a Holistic Nutrition Consulting business, passionate about the health, nutrition, and happiness of the individual as a whole. Throughout the years, I've grown to discover the key to having a good relationship with foods is sustainability, where you actually enjoy what your are eating while nourishing your body. I always like to remind my clients to strive for commitment over perfectionism; Feel Your Best Wellness is here to help you address your main concerns that being either feel more energy, lose weight, identify food sensitivities, and improve nutrition through custom meal plans, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Please get in touch to learn more about nutritional services and packages available and how I can help you to finally feel your best!

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The key on all of our programs is sustainability, I want to provide simple solutions and recommendations for every day real life needs.


Better Decisions

In this 20 min Free Discovery call we can chat about my approach and how things work and discover if Feel your best is what you are looking for!!!


The accountabilitly you are looking for

Starting off the gecko can be overwhelming to say the least, that's why in this initial+follow up package you'll have the support and accountability you need to get started and lead you towards your goals whether they are about incorporating more whole foods, addressing a food sensitivity or weight loss, you name it but I've got you covered since the start. Individual and Family plans avaiable.


The Guidance You Need

I n this 6 week program we get the chance to dig deeper into your goals while I will be by your side providing all the guidance you need and help you understand what your body needs besides what your main concern might be; Through nutrition and lifestyle recommendations we will be able to get you on the right path.


Your health journey

Getting into a longer program (12 week) will give us the opportunity to follow up through really close and give me chance to guide and support you every step of the way and make any modifications needed. This continuing ongoing support, guidance, accountability and education in nutrition+lifestyle will set you up so you can FINALLY feel your BEST.


I’ve recently started the new menu and changes Bruna has recommended, however I’ve to point out already how dedicated and caring she is. Bruna took the time to review my lengthy form and she developed an amazing case study based on my very own peculiarities. She answered all my questions (many many of them) and she guided me while I was purchasing the items I needed such as vitamins, supplements and certain food items.
I love how she gives emphasis on you taking your time to change yourself instead of pushing it causing even more stress. Highly recommended as I can already see the improvement happening and how much support I’m receiving from Bruna!

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"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson



Fort Saskatchewan-AB and surrounding areas

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